Motivational Monday: Just be Happy; Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Yes I know, I know. It’s much easier said than done. But what’s stopping you from being happy? Really! It’s not a rhetorical question. I literally want you to think about it. What does it take for you to be happy? Perfect job? Perfect house? Perfect man or woman? Guess what…circumstances are never gonna be 100% perfect. You can’t control anything but yourself and your attitude. It’s called “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Our beliefs effect our actions, which cause our beliefs to become reality. So if you think you’re gonna have a good day, every thing you do will support that. Therefore, making you have a good day. But beware it works both ways (positively and negatively). So, as we finish up the third quarter, and head towards the home stretch of 2018, let’s believe that these last 4 months are gonna be the best of this year! Make moves and be great!


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