Monday Motivation: Invest in Yourself

I’ve been on a journey to consciously invest in myself personally, professionally, financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically since last year. Why? Because I want to be the best version of me. Why? Because the world needs the best off me. What does that look like? Its signing up for a gym, committing to new and healthy eating habits, saving money every pay check, making a budget and trying to stick to it, working multiple jobs to afford to travel as frequently as I want, attending workshops and seminars to grow in my field, reading self-help/ motivational/ inspirational books to understand myself and how I interact with others, continuing to go to church/praying/meditating/reading the Bible more, exploring coping strategies to deal with stress, reflecting weekly/monthly/ quarterly on whats happened/ what’s been accomplished/ what needs to be done. Yes it’s tiring. Yes failures happen often. Yes sacrifice is necessary. Yes it can be expensive. Yes 100% return on investment is not guaranteed the way It was invested. But, everything is done for the better. So I can be better. So you can be better. So I can help someone else be better. So you can help someone else be better. So the world can be better. Think big picture! You’re worth the risk. So stop hesitating and just dive in and do it.

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