Motivational Monday: Find One Thing

So last week a friend of mine asked for some mid-week motivation. I needed it more for myself, but this is what I shared:


“When everything is making you sad😔, there’s GOTTA be one thing that makes you happy😁. When everything is going wrong 😩there’s GOTTA be one thing going right🤩. When everything’s bad 😱there’s GOTTA be one thing good😍. When everyone’s bringing things back⏮, there’s GOTTA be one thing to look forward to⏭. Find that one thing🔍. Focus in on it 🎯and make it through the day💪🏾. Today, my one thing is this lovely candle light dinner 🍽😋for one that I’m preparing, after I work both my jobs 😩, for my House-iversary🏡. (If I’m not too tired). If I am tired I’m just gonna eat eggo waffles and eggs. 😂 if nothing else, at least this message made you smile. Focus on the fact that you have a crazy friend who would stop work, that she wasn’t really working on in the first place, to take time and write a motivational message that may not have even been motivational 😂 you’re welcome! 👸🏾😊Hope you have a good day.” .


So I say to you all. Find that one thing. Hold on. You’re gonna make it. Things are going to be ok! I’m here for you.


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