Adulting Success

I think week 23/24 of 2018 has been my 1st successful week at adulting.

  • I paid my bills (and still had a lil change left from my check)
  • I cooked ( I’m trying to eat clean, I’ll let you know how it goes eventually)
  • I did the dishes (hate this almost as much as yard work)
  • Finished my laundry
  • I mowed AND watered the lawn (y’all know how I hate it)
  • I remembered to take the trash and recycling out for trash day (still had boxes from when I moved two years ago #dontjudgeme)
  • I went to work everyday, despite being sick, and was very productive. (still got a lot of work to do).
  • Actually took medicine because I’m sick and need to get better
  • Scheduled annual check-ups (It’s important! Make time for preventative care)
  • Put up my awning (with the help of my dad and brother) and put out my patio furniture
  • Hooked up my surround sound system (with the help of my friend Nurse Nelle)
  • Worked out  (Not vigorously, but there’s definitely daily activity going on)
  • Took my vitamins (not everyday, but more than usual)
  • Hit my 10,000 step goal 11/14 days ( I was sick 3 days so I spent alot of time resting, but still came close).
  • Consistently drank the recommended amount of water daily. (Trying to get to a gallon a day cuz I want my melanin looking more flawless than ever lol. I don’t mind the trips to the bathroom cuz it helps me get my steps in)
  • Caught up and reconciled with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 9 years (Praise)
  • Booked my next flight (stay tuned)..

Its been a great week. No complaints. Good and bad I’m truely blessed. #winning

So tell me:

What have you accomplished the past couple weeks? What are you looking forward to accomplishing in the upcoming weeks? Let me know cuz I wanna celebrate the small successes with you!

5 thoughts on “Adulting Success

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  1. Sounds productive! I just recently made a commitment to start reading more and hit the gym (caribana and Miami will be here in no time lol). Your posts have low key pushed me in the direction I’ve been avoiding

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    1. Yessss!!! I appreciate you reading and glad you’re not avoiding anymore! I’m debating about Caribana this year. Reading and gym are still on my list. What book are you reading now?


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