06/05/19 Dear Future Husband: I might Need a New Washer

06/05/19   Dear Future Husband, I've spent 2 hours reading this stupid washing machine manual and watching stupid videos about why my stupid washer smells like sewage (Apparently you're supposed to clean your washer out like annually. Who knew?). I've spent at least 7 hours taking it apart and putting it back together. FOUR TIMES... Continue Reading →

Adulting Chronicles: Grocery Shopping & Cooking

One thing that I have yet to master the skills of grocery shopping, cooking, and keeping up with expiration dates. Laugh all you want but it ain't easy. I can barely remember to make sure I have everything I need for the day, when leaving my house. When I lived with my parents, they did... Continue Reading →

Adult Friendships Are Hard Work!

Back in the day friendships were formed by proximity. You got ya friends from school, friends in the neighborhood, your parents friends kids….It was all so simple. Now as an adult??.....yea it don’t work like that AT ALL. Forming adult friendships are HARD!!!  Because now it’s almost intentional. Even “forced” at times. You have to put yourself out there and basically network because these aren’t the same people you’ve known since Pre-K.  So how do you even that? Hi! My name is Sherrell and I wanna be your friend lol. Is that weird?....

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