Adulting Chronicles: Grocery Shopping & Cooking

One thing that I have yet to master the skills of grocery shopping, cooking, and keeping up with expiration dates. Laugh all you want but it ain’t easy. I can barely remember to make sure I have everything I need for the day, when leaving my house.

When I lived with my parents, they did all the grocery shopping. They made sure there was food in the fridge, freezer and cabinets. It was like magic lol I just had to cook for my self. Sometimes I’d go grocery shopping, but that was for a family of three. Now it’s just me and I find my self throwing a lot away because I didn’t use it. Am I buying too much? Probably. Am I planning out my meals? Nope. lol I’m just randomly buying food.  But when I first moved out, I literally had nothing. No salt. No Pepper. No spatula. That was me, making eggs the first weekend in my house (who thinks of that when they first move out??). BUT I had eggs…so at least I had something to eat.

Was I not using my time wisely and actually cooking on a consistent basis? OF COURSE NOT. I was busy enjoying my freedom. I was busy doing nothing just because I could. So the last thing I wanted to do is cook. I mean I know I gotta eat, but I low key lived off wine, sunflower seeds, eggo waffles and ice cream for like 2 months so I was used to not really eating unless I went to my parents house. (It’s so convenient now that they live close. I go visit and get food. lol It’s a win win for everyone involved).

But then my friend put me on to HelloFresh. I liked being able to go online and choose 3 meals for $50 and since I was ordering servings for 2 people, I always had leftovers and basically ate lunch and dinner for 2 days off one meal.  I liked that they delivered to my door and I didn’t mind the preparation and cooking time. Nothing really took me more than 30-45 mins.

I cancelled my subscription though, because I’ve been traveling so much so it just wasn’t worth it since I wasn’t able to use all the ingredients for all the meals. But I saved all the recipes and use them frequently. I now know the right portions to buy and quick meals to make after a long day at work. HelloFresh really sparked my interest in cooking and encouraged me to use my kitchen more and more. Shout out to me for adulting.



***My fridge still is low key empty though. Don’t judge me.***

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