06/05/19 Dear Future Husband: I might Need a New Washer



Dear Future Husband,

I’ve spent 2 hours reading this stupid washing machine manual and watching stupid videos about why my stupid washer smells like sewage (Apparently you’re supposed to clean your washer out like annually. Who knew?). I’ve spent at least 7 hours taking it apart and putting it back together. FOUR TIMES I’ve done this. FOOOOUR. I could probably do it with my eyes closed at this point. But I’ve narrowed down the issue to me possibly needing a new drain pump. Now, I’m searching the stupid internet for this stupid pump so I can take this stupid washer apart and put it back together again for the FIFTH TIME. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I wont have to spend $500 on a stupid new washer -_____-. I’m annoyed. I’m dirty. I’m hangry.  and IM OVER IT! I don’t have the patience for this! You need to show up before another stupid appliance breaks because I can’t. Either you better be able to fix it or make enough money to replace it. Both is preferred lol Jk jk. But fa real though I’m done. You bouta catch me in a Condo real soon.



Your Future Wife

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