Dear Future Husband: Tell ‘Em How We Met

06/25/19 Dear Future Husband, Yooooooo. If you every wanna here a funny story puhleeeeeeeeease ask my parents how they met! lol It was HILARIOUS to hear them trying figure it out and iron out the details. My mom said one event, my dad said another. My mom shaking her head at my dad, my dad... Continue Reading →

06/05/19 Dear Future Husband: I might Need a New Washer

06/05/19   Dear Future Husband, I've spent 2 hours reading this stupid washing machine manual and watching stupid videos about why my stupid washer smells like sewage (Apparently you're supposed to clean your washer out like annually. Who knew?). I've spent at least 7 hours taking it apart and putting it back together. FOUR TIMES... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Husband: Communication is Key

4/16/18 Dear Future Husband, I really hope you are able to communicate efficiently  with me. Especially at times when you're feeling down or stressed or upset. You can't expect me to read your mind. I can't fix what I don't know is broken. I can't help If I don't know what hurts. I like to... Continue Reading →

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