Dear Future Husband: Me vs. The Wasp


Dear Future Husband,

Let me start off by saying. I hate bugs. I hate spiders. I hate bees. I hate centipedes. I hate moths. Ants are alright. potato bugs..fine. Worms ok.. Butterflies…love em. But everything else….ewww.  


It’s Sunday. I just got home from church. Had to work late last night and don’t have to work today. So I’m just chillin’ and relaxing and end up taking a nap. Mom calls and is telling me about how much stuff she and my dad still have to get rid of after downsizing. Mind you, I’m kinda half listening because I just woke up. But I’m awake enough to notice some buzzing sound and low and behold….it’s a wasp!! I mean this thing is ginormous! Not even exaggerating. In the background, my mom is telling me to come pick up some stuff from the house and all I’m thinking about  is getting outta the house and away from this wasp. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Sherrell, why didn’t you just kill it.” is what is is and don’t judge me for running away. lol

Ok so I grab my wallet and jacket and my shoes (didn’t put em on till I was outside) and bounced. Welp, I didn’t grab my keys. So now I’m locked out. The wasp has taken over my house SMH. Luckily, my brother lives around the corner and has a spare key. 

So I walk over there so he can let me in and kill the stupid wasp.  Kill 2 birds with one stone, you know? Or in this case Kill 1 wasp with 1 Nike slide. lol Anyway, I’m back in the house. The wasp is dead. And you’re still not here. Thanks for nothing lol


Your Future Wife

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