Dear Future Husband: Tell ‘Em How We Met


Dear Future Husband,

Yooooooo. If you every wanna here a funny story puhleeeeeeeeease ask my parents how they met! lol It was HILARIOUS to hear them trying figure it out and iron out the details. My mom said one event, my dad said another. My mom shaking her head at my dad, my dad disagreeing with my mom and I’m just in the corner crackin up and still don’t even really know the whole story lol. I mean after 30+ years I guess it doesn’t really matter. And when you still together after that long i’m sure the dates start blending together anyway. But uhhhh I’ve been building up to this moment so imma need you to remember how we met! And when people ask we gone be on one accord with the story no matter how old we get and how long we been together lol.


Your Future Wife

P.S. Mom, Dad, don’t be mad I shared this. I love you both and know y’all love each other. lol

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