Pray For Your Future Spouse

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.”

– Max Lucado

2018 was my first year doing the “Pray For Your Future Spouse Challenge.” I was scrolling on Instagram, saw it and was like, “oh this is definitely for me, cuz my future husband GOTTA be lost trying to find me and I need to help him with directions.” Lol Fa real though, I was determined to do this and just knew right after Day 5, BOOM he was gonna pop up. But once the challenged started, God held up the mirror and I realized there was so much more that I PERSONALLY needed to GROW through. I got hungry for, not my future marriage, but my current relationship with God. I joined TOU (The One University) and really began to dig deep and dive in on becoming the person I want to be with. I’m talking changing habits. No more dating apps. No more Netflix and chillin. No more wasting time not reading the word. No more having a bad diet. No more not going to the gym. My hotline does not Bling lol. Just cutting out distractions, picking healthy habits annnnnd even with all the changes,  “still living my best life.” Actually a better life. And I know God has and wants more for me.

So for year #2 my focus has really shifted. I’ve shared with my home girls, cuz I don’t wanna be selfish with this blessing lol, and even having little watch parties and hopefully will have small group discussions afterwards. And I’m still praying for my future husband, but my prayers hit different now. I’m praying that he’s surrounded by mentors leading him down the right path. I’m praying he’s learning to lead so I can follow. I’m praying that he’s seeking and praising God in everything he does. I’m praying that he experiences Gods love. praying that he’s healed from past wounds and that God fills the holes because he is whole. I’m praying that he’s confident in his identity and walking in or towards his purpose! I’m praying for his stability and growth intellectually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. And I’m praying that he’s putting in just as much effort, if not more, into being better for “future us.”

So, If you’re down for the challenge it starts Monday,August 18th, 2019. (Its’s usually around the same time every year). I pray that you know that your decision is on purpose, for God’s purpose. Take what you need, share with others, and watch God show out!

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