Dear Future Husband: Table for One



Dear Future Husband,

You know I’ve never really been one to just go and do things alone, but today I decided to dress up and take myself out on an impromptu date. Not that it’s a big deal though. People grab a bite to eat alone or go to the movies alone all the time right? Well I’m not people. lol I very much prefer the company of others. So I was surprised when I was overcome with the urge to intentionally take myself out. It seems weird that i’m making a big deal out of this, but lately I’ve been stepping more and more out of my comfort zone, trying new things and just living life. I realized I don’t have to stay at home every night waiting for someone to ask me out. And I don’t have to accept every guys invitation for a date (not that I get that many lol). Again, I know it sounds silly, but deciding to choose myself, to love myself, is the best thing I can ever do for you. lol Thats right. I said for you. Because If I can love myself and treat myself well, then you know I got you!

But anyway….

During my solo date night, I saw what I’d like to think was a routine daddy-daughter date.  It was so cute. To see the look in baby girls eyes when her dad said she could order anything she wanted.  She ended up getting a hot chocolate with extra marsh mellows and ordered from the adult menu even though her and dad knew she wouldn’t even finish a quarter of her meal. And then he listened to her ramble on about how Laura and Brittany were jealous of the new sneakers he bought her as a just because gift. And took pictures with snap chat filters…..I want that for you. That father-daughter bond. Regardless of whether or not we have children together, I hope you get to experience love in that way! 


Your Future Wife

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