Dear Future Husband: Outdoor Work

Dear Future Husband,


I haven’t really asked you to come through in a while, because I’ve been good living my best life. And I hope you’re doing the same. But it’d be great if you could just pop up real quick this summer. Not to get married. Or to start dating. We don’t even have to be friends. I just need to meet you. And instead of you saying you “like long walks on the beach” in your introduction, say that you like putting up drywall and siding, fixing tree forts, and checking for mold. Cuz I need all of that done.  Just think….instead of meeting up for a cup of coffee or going to see a boring movie, we can bond while YOU fix things and it could be the start of something beautiful (or at least the finish to my house maintenance). Either way its a win-win for me. But trust me, it’ll be great for both of us lol.
Your Future Wife

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