Monday Motivation: No Negativity. No Complaining

Back in high school, my amazing psychology teacher gave us a homework assignment to go a whole day without being negative and complaining. As a teenager with a permanent negative attitude, that was really hard for me!!! It really shouldn’t have been though. Life was good. I had no bills, no struggle, no job to hate going to, no partner to stress over. The only thing I had to worry about was my parents yelling about chores, tests that I didn’t study for, and being made fun of every now and then. But other than that, life was simple. Now…. as I’m trying out this whole adulting thing, I have to literally intentionally reframe my thoughts from negative to positive. I literally stop myself and be like “oh no Sherrell, you can’t think like that.” Take a deep breath and try again. So with this new day. I challenge you to have a new, positive, perspective. Continue to reframe and use positive thoughts so much intentionally, that it just becomes a natural process. You can do it!


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