Monday Motivation: Love Language

I love love! Seriously! I really do. I can’t get enough of the whole cliche’ romantic movie moments, smile all day, good times with family and friends, happy endings type stuff.  Like I literally live for it. Crave it even. Just want to understand it, experience it, give it…… Yea…. I’m all about love. That’s why I was so excited to read “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman (Single’s edition) and learn about the 5 love languages.

  • Acts of Service– taking care of something to take the load off someone else
  • Physical Touch– physical presence, closeness, hugging, hand holding  etc…
  • Quality Time– undivided attention
  • Receiving Gifts– visual symbols of love
  • Words of Affirmation– unsolicited compliments, words of appreciation,

What do you think my love language is?

You’d think, based on the whole context of my blog, it’d be words of affirmation right? But no….its quality time. lol Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear compliments and be told I’m appreciated and what not…(you know….HYPE ME UP!) lol and I know the importance and impact of sharing words of encouragement and appreciation for others, but surprisingly that doesn’t really come naturally to me. Spending time with people I care about, is what matters most to me.  Game nights. Vacations. Even just sitting in the same room together, doing separate things. That’s how I grew up. Family dinners on EVERY holiday, because sometimes that’s all we could give one another. Wealth through memories not through money and gifts. I cherish that and I don’t want to beg for it. But just know, If I share my time with you,  it’s real! Learning that about myself was very eye opening.

Y’all this book….. Honestly……..changed my life. I am so much more intentional with my interactions with others now that I know about the love languages and know my primary love language. I am eager to learn others love languages and give love in the way they receive it. And I just want to share with you the opportunity to learn about yours. If you don’t know it, and have 5 minutes to spare, take the quiz online. Find out what’s your primary love language.  Find out your partners love language. Find out your children’s love language. Buy the book. Talk it out with your friends and family. Use this moment to dive in deep. Do the work. Make the information you learn about yourself worthwhile. For you and the people in your life.  Help others love you better by understanding how you give and receive love. I PROMISE you won’t regret it!

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