Weekend of Love

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”

– Max Muller

I know I’m mad late, but I’m just coming down off my Valentines Day celebration and just wanted to share with you guys. #ThrowbackThursday

Some people are completely anti-valentines day because they want to go against the social normity, commercial hall mark BS of  love being celebrated on one day. Some people are anti because it brings a painful reminder of singleness. (Being single in the middle of Buffalo winter during Valentines Day weekend can totally present some of those un welcomed feelings of sadness and loneliness). I mean I get it but I think thats whack! Being single doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate love. So this past weekend I jam packed my days with my love language of quality time and lots of philia, storge, and philautia.

Fun Fact: I’ve always been fasciniated with greek philosophers, literature, and mythology

**My reference is to Platos, Areostoles, and Socrates’ concepts of types of love. **

Philia (φιλία)–  friendly/ brotherly love; usualy based on personal qualities (overall goodness of  a person, associated with loyalty, dependibility, and compansionship)

Storge (στοργή)–  familial love; not based on personal qualities but on natural or “instinctual” affection

Philautia– self love; can be positive and healthy (self esteem, confidence, regard for own happiness,) or negative and unhealthy (“hubris”– narcassitic, selfish, prideful, conceited etc..).

My weekend of love began on Thursday, with my dad coming by my office to give me flowers. I don’t know when this tradition started (I probably made him do it lol). But I really love the gesture every year. And he agreed to do it until someone else picks it up (hint hint Future Husband lol).

Friday I gave myself a facial, did my hair, did my nails,  got all dressed up, went to dinner at my “work parents” house, and went to a spoken word event.  (FYI: work parents– coworkers who are old enough to be your parents who look out for you as they do their own kids). After the spoken word event I was still hungry (don’t judge me) so I cooked a lovely dinner and ate by candle light. My homie hit me up after to say her date fell through and I wasn’t gonna let her drink alone so it turned in to a nice mini girls night.

img_1142    img_1138     img_1059

Saturday I started my day with an 8 mile run, and recovering from what started as a mini girls night and turned into a fun low-key night with friends and a few too many drinks. Leading into the culmination of my weekend, the Boyz to Men concert! I took myself and had a great time. Also they STILL sound amazing!


Sunday I went to church, had bible study with my friend, and ended up having an impromptu lit karoke and choregraphy session in my living with my homie. (FYI: Golden Margarita-Margaritas with a shot of Henny…you’re welcome).


Monday I went to breakfast with the fam, went bowling, caught up on All-Star weekend highlights, and had a 5 hour dinner and catch up session with my Core 4 friends to celebrate a birthday

In conclusion, I’m saved, lit, a little tired, and my love tank is full! It took me a long time to get to a place where I truly love who I am. Honestly I’m loving who I’m becoming even more! And appreciate the people I love who are around for the journey! So I encourage you to love your family. love on your self, and love on other people! Not just when the world celebrates love, but everyday you wake up!

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