Dear Future Husband: Fathers Day


Dear Future Husband,

Today I celebrated my dad for Father’s Day. So many people have grown up without their fathers but I’m so blessed to have him in my life and for us to have the relationship we do. He is the epitome of what a man should be. A great father, husband, brother and friend. Truly a man of God. He’s a provider and protector. He’s loyal, humble, brave, reliable, strong, and compassionate. He’s always down to go on trips and he likes to think he’s cool but that’s debatable.He is my Defender of the Night (Great story behind the name lol I’ll tell you more about that later). He protects and serves in all aspects of his life, not just on the job. You’d be lucky to have him as a father in law. And I’d be lucky to have you if you’re all the things my dad is and more. Good luck trying to fill those shoes!


Your Future Wife ❤️

(hope my mom isn’t mad that I didn’t post about her for mothers day. I got you soon mom)

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