Monday Motivation: Beware of Blah

So I had a conversation with one of my friends a couple months ago and came across the words I shared just when I need them.

Sometimes life is just….well…blah. We wake up. We eat. We work. We exercise. We interact with other humans. All of that and in between all that… is pretty much the very definition of blah. If that makes sense?

Yea we do things. Go places. Meet people. Its just ….Some days you notice that blah is happening all around you. It’s the going through the motions. The mundane stuff. The mind-numbing tasks. The daily routines. The complacency. It’s really no other way for me to explain it…….You can feel it though. We all can….

But wake up.

Check back into life.

Be here.

Right now.

Embracing the learning, the growing, the accomplishments, the blessings, the surprises, the happiness, the beauty, the anger, the loneliness, the grief, the company, the rejection, the stress, the setbacks, the failures, the disappointments, the stillness………

Don’t get lost in the state of blah…..

Just breathing…..

Letting life pass you by…..



I’m living with you…



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