Monday Motivation

Note to self: you have to make time to take time for yourself. Otherwise you’re no good to anyone else. Make self-care a priority! Rest. Cook. Eat. Read. Exercise. Spend time with friends or family. Do whatever makes you happy. Whatever charges your batteries. It’s not selfish. It’s “giving the world the best of you... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Finish Strong

It’s the 4th quarter. December 3rd. 28 days left on the clock for 2018. What have you set out to do this year that you have yet to accomplish? Are you one of those people who say “Man, I only have 28 days and I still haven’t done _______!” Or are you like “I got... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s only natural for me to think of all the things I’m thankful for. But I don’t wait till Thanksgiving week to think about them. I think about them daily. Literally every day presents something for me to be thankful for. Every morning I wake up in my own house. Thankful for... Continue Reading →

Motivation Monday: Life is Precious

I have to thank God for the air in my lungs. The ability to walk and talk and think and live. I don’t take it for granted. Because some people didn’t wake up today. My God brother didn’t.... So today, make sure you take a minute to just be grateful you’re alive. Life is so... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Beware of Blah

Sometimes life is just....well...blah. We wake up. We eat. We work. We exercise. We interact with other humans. It’s the going through the motions. The mundane stuff. The mind-numbing tasks. The daily routines. But it's important to stay checked into life and not just breathe, but live!...

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