Monday Motivation: Finish Strong

It’s the 4th quarter. December 3rd. 28 days left on the clock for 2018. What have you set out to do this year that you have yet to accomplish? Are you one of those people who say “Man, I only have 28 days and I still haven’t done _______!” Or are you like “I got 28 days left to make something happen. Let’s get it!” Me? I’m not gonna front. I’m low key a little bit of both depending on what the goal is. Lol But best believe I’m going out at least trying. Yea my fitness goals aren’t where I wanted. Yea my money ain’t where I wanted it. Yea my 2108 reading list is no where near where it needs to be. But I must say, I have made strides doing more than I did last year and crossed a lot of my my bucket list at the same time. But there’s still time left on the clock. It ain’t over till it’s over. So closing out the year, we all still got time. Let’s go out strong. Put in some work! Go big or stay home!

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