Monday Motivation: Planning and Productivity

I always spend a good chunk of my Monday’s catching up from weekend emails, returning phone calls and messages, looking at my calendar to prepare for for the week, and of course posting to you guys! Oh and can’t forget my breakfast. (That to me is like what coffee is to everyone else. Don’t talk to me until I’ve eaten breakfast lol). My routine is pretty basic and I’d imagine it’s very similar to most peoples. Sometimes I even spend all of Monday just planning and going over things I have to do. To some it may seem I waste a whole day if that’s all I’m doing, but honestly it’s saving me time in the long run and helping me be organized and productive. You know what they say: “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” I’m not gonna front though. I definitely procrastinate 😂 but at least having my plan in place, it’s not that bad. Don’t judge me. Lol Anyway, Today is about planning out how I’m gonna finish up some things for 2018 and preparing for 2019. My calendar is filling up fast and seems a little overwhelming🙃, but I’m excited! 2019 is gonna be a great year! (Speaking it into existence). What do you have planned so far?!

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