Ugly Duckling Chronicles

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

-Miss Piggy

Daily Prompt: AWKWARD


Now I’ve already shared with ya’ll about my little ugly duckling phase. So I feel like I can be honest about some of the details. Welcome to my awkward life:

Growing up, my middle school and high school were in the same building. (5th-12th gr. although 5th grade is still considered elementary school and I didn’t start there until 6th gr. but that’s besides the point). Who ever thought intermingling grade levels was a good idea obviously never had to do it because it was a socially traumatic environment at times. It really just heightened the whole ugly duckling era for me. Clearly we were all on different developmental and maturity levels which really made for…ummm…. “interesting” interactions. Now we weren’t together in the same classes (unless you were advanced and had some classes with people 1 or 2 grades above you). But breakfast, lunch, and sometimes gym, we all mixed in. This made for some awkward times. At least for me.

See if you knew highschoolers and upper classmen you were cool. You were part of the “in” crowd.


I was part of “no” crowd…. I wasn’t “in” but not quite “out” if you know what I mean.  Some where in the middle…but some what invisible.





One day (I think I was in 7th or 8th grade) I was sitting at lunch with a couple friends. It was toward the end of the lunch period so we were all just chillin’. A freshman guy comes up to our table and says

 “Hey! Not to be rude but…..”









***points to me***










“you’re ugly”










***laughs and walks away***







Idk if it was more awkward for the people sitting at the table witnessing this or for me being involved in it. But either way…that was definitely an awkward moment.






And like clockwork…the bell rang almost instantly….




Freeing my from any further embarrassment in that moment….









Even writing this…..15 years later…. The scenario is so vivid in my mind, I still have knots in my stomach. I’m pretty sure the guy doesn’t remember the situation. Probably doesn’t even remember who I am….Yet that ugly duckling scar is pretty deep…


But regardless, the fact still remains, the Glow up is real…

“Glow Up (v.) – To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.” – Urban Dictionary

This ugly duckling has definitely turned into a swan baby! I’m poppin’!

Back then they didn’t want me, BUT NOW….





















….they really still don’t.








Be Encouraged. Yea, some days you may feel like the ugly duckling, but it gets better at some point……eventually






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