Monday Motivation: Show Up for People

Last week I was able to go to 3 high school Volleyball’s games. One was for 2 girls from my church. Randomly just showed up. The other was Senior Night for girls I helped coach at a summer camp. I told them I would come and they were really excited that I showed up. It really wasn’t a big deal but it was worth spending an hour of my time just to have them smile and wave frantically to me while I was in the stands. Lol I think I needed that more than they did. ☺️ The third was for my old high school. Even though I’ve been to several of their games this year, they still are super excited like they haven’t seen me in year lol I love that feeling. But anyway. Moral of the story, show up for people. Not only when you say will, but even when they don’t ask you to. Doesn’t have to be with money. Doesn’t have to be with time. Sometimes all people need is to see a familiar face to change their day or feel cared about. So this week show up for some one. Do an unexpected phone call or text to check in with a friend. Treat someone to dinner. Go to someone’s kids sports game. Volunteer at an after school program. Let’s start connecting with each other on a different level.

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