Monday Motivation: Comfortable and Complacent


Being comfortable is a state of being at ease. Being complacent is a state of being satisfied. Honestly, nothing is really wrong with either. Yes count your blessings. Yes be grateful for what you have. But doesn’t there come a time when you want more if it’s possible to have more? Don’t you want more? Don’t you wanna go back to school and get that doctorate instead of just having you Bachelors or Masters? (Even though both are great accomplishments) Don’t you want a better relationship, instead of settling for half truths, arguments, and breakups to make ups? Don’t you want a job that you love instead of that job that you partially like just because it has great benefits? Yea that shift to “more” isn’t instant. And yea sometimes sacrifices have to be made, but don’t be stuck in that place. That “comfortable” place that was only meant to be a stepping stone for bigger and better things. Don’t be satisfied with decent, just because you’re comfortable, when you  want and deserve great. Remember, diamonds are made under pressure. So start getting uncomfortable.


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