Dear Future Husband: I Appreciate You


Dear Future Husband,

I don’t want you to think I take the little things for granted. Thank you for opening doors open for me (even if you have to hustle a lil bit to make sure I don’t touch the handle, car door included). Thank you for offering your jacket when I’m cold (cuz I’m always cold and like to be all snug and cozy). Thank you for taking out the trash (I can do it, but its annoying and sometimes I forget when its trash day lol). Thank you for switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer cuz I forget sometimes (ma bad). Thank you for being able to check my attitude and negative self-talk in a positive way and reminding me that I’m poppin’ lol. ***plays Beyonce “Upgrade U”*** Thank you for walking me to my car and helping me brush it off during these harsh Buffalo storms- if we live here ( and warming it up, and shoveling me out so I don’t get stuck, and stopping in between doing all that to have an impromptu snowball fight with me before work lol). Thank you for doing the dishes after I cook (and even cooking sometimes cuz I don’t like doing dishes). Thank you for the random flowers not just on valentines day or my birthday even though it’s probably not your thing (they really brighten up my day). And thank you for those good morning kisses (even when my breath is kickin’ lol).


Your Future Wife

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