Dear Future Husband: Age Ain’t Nothin’ When Music ‘s Playin’


Dear Future Husband,

Let me just start off by saying, THE EARTH WIND AND FIRE CONCERT WAS AMAZING! While I had a great time with Madre, it woulda been nice to be jamming with you. Imma need you to pull up ASAP so you can be my designated concert buddy. Clearly I’m an old soul. So either you’re gonna have to have an old soul too. Or you’re just gonna be old. I need you to be able to two step and step in the name of love but also switch it up and milly rock (cuz I did both tonight) and still remember how to crank dat Soulja boy.😂So that means you’re some where between 25ish and 37ish right now.  But Basically you’re 40. It’s cool. We got the Beyoncé-Jay Z age difference goin on. Any older and you’d basically be my suga daddy/sponsor. I mean that’s cool too I guess🙃..But moral of the story, you owe me a ticket to a concert sometime in the future (preferably near future).

Your Future Wife ❤️

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