COVID Confession: World Kindness Day

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

– Mao Zedong

Hello all of you amazing people!!! I feel like it’s been FOREVER!!!

I’ve been more active on my social media sites brand building and what not so I’ve been a little M.I.A. and neglecting you all but I’m back, so let’s start off by celebrating world kindness day!

Happy World Kindness Day!

Kindness isn’t something that you just celebrate today, or one day, or during the Thanksgiving time. Kindness is something that should be a part of daily mantra. Every morning I wake up and write affirmations in my journal about how I extend the spiritual fruit of kindness everyday and set an intention to do so daily.

My favorite time of showing kindness this year was during graduation season in the middle of COVID. This came shortly after the announcement that kids would not be going back to school. Families decorated their doors and filled their lawns with signs and banners supporting the graduates in their households. I drove all through my neighborhood and around the city streets looking at the signs and banners, like they were Christmas decorations lol, hanging proudly for the graduates and it made me want to join in celebrating their accomplishments. So I randomly picked 20 people graduating this year and anonymously gave them a card with $20 in it, a scripture or quote and a note to say that even though I didn’t know them, I was proud of them for their hard word and that I was rooting for them.

That kindness came right back around when a friend gifted me $40 through cash app just because. Both those instances made me feel great. My mood definitely was lifted. And I felt empowered and blessed to be able to bless others.

I’m not sharing to brag or pat myself on the back for doing a “good deed”. I’m just sharing because it really was exciting to just drop a card in the mailbox and do something special for a stranger. I’m sharing because I want to encourage you to do something or say something kind to others, especially today. It doesn’t have to be with money or a tangible item. Words can mean just as much. So go ahead and be kind! The world clearly needs more kindness don’t cha think!

Do you have a favorite kindness story? Please share, I’d love to hear about it!

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