My Week of Non Sense & Corona Virus Thoughts

I think the world should unite and focus on strong health systems to prepare the whole world to prevent epidemics [and social chaos] – or if there is an outbreak, to manage it quickly – because viruses don’t respect borders, and they don’t need visas.

-Tedros Adhanom


Perfect visual of how this week has been🙃.



There was a full moon Monday. Today is Friday the 13th. My staff has literally gone crazy. My 401k is going in the wrong direction. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get hit with like 5 citations for these random school zone speeding limit cameras that just popped up. People keep thinking it’s my birthday and I keep letting them. The NBA suspended games and all I could think about is space jam. Flights are cheap and I’m willing to risk it all. Everything’s cancelled cuz of the Ronas. Annnnnd I’m still at work….scheduling home visits…..


But outside of all that, in all seriousness, I can’t stop thinking about all the people this epidemic is affecting.


Pray for the student athletes whose spring seasons got cancelled. Pray for the college seniors who are missing out on their last moments in school. Pray for the students who don’t have a home to go to. Pray for the students who were only eating at school and now don’t know how their getting their next meal. Pray for the students who don’t have the capacity to handle on line learning (wether it be internet, computer access, or the discipline to do the work without face to face instruction). Pray for those in Higher Ed unable to say goodbye to students and faculty.  Pray for parents who are worried about altering their work schedules in preparation for after school activities being cancelled. Pray for the workers whos’ jobs and paychecks are on hold. Pray for those in nursing homes who can’t get their usual visitors. Pray for the health care workers and flight crews who will ALWAYS be at risk.. Just pray….and wash your hands.


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