I Jumped Out of a Plane

I’ve been indoor skydiving before but I went tandem skydiving at WNY skydiving in Albion, NY and it was so much fun! Firs you have to watch this video and sign your life away, basically to say you’re jumping at your own risk and you waive your rights to sue if something happens.

My trainer, Tim, was awesome. Had some small talk, talked about his experience and it all really calmed my nerves. Tim said his first jump was in Cancun and then ended up turning it into a career with over 8000 jumps completed!

There were really only 4 instructions for my free fall training. Have an arched back, hips forward, feet together and hands up. And after like 5 minutes he said I was ready lol. I’m sure there’s way more info that I need to know for a solo jump but I really didn’t have to do anything but listen to the instructor. So it was easy.

The Drogue parachute was deployed as soon as we jump out of the plane, to help control our velocity. The Main parachute, 320 sq ft. Of material, was deployed I think around 5000 ft. We had an AAD emergency parachute of 380sq ft just in case there were issues with the others which really eased my concerns.

Overall, I’d definitely do it again! I wanna get to the point of taking a solo jump! And who knows, maybe I’ll also end up turning it into my career lol. (My Dad would have a heart attack). But check out the video.

***I don’t own rights to this music***


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