Monday Motivation: Celebrate your friends!

It’s so important to celebrate your friends! Share in the happiness of their accomplishments and the joys of their successes! Today I celebrate and dedicate my Monday Motivation to my home girl @iamnursenelle (on Instagram and Twitter)

This girl is super dope! Like there’s literally nothing she can’t do! Changing lives and helping aspiring SRNAs, CRNAs, and nursing students to live their dream and encouraging them while they do it. All while working and studying.

Seeing how much time she puts into being the amazing mentor/ vlogger/nurse/ influencer/ brand ambassador/ and future CRNA motivates me to continue to grind too! We work hard and can’t wait to play harder after she graduates with her Doctorate in 3 weeks!!!! I’m so proud to call her my friend!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! We shall celebrate soon! Love you!!

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