Monday Motivation: Happy Near Year!

GOOOOD MORNING! Happy New Year!! And Happy First Monday of 2019!! My 2018 had a few hiccups but…over all it was LIT. Glad it’s a new year though! Buuuuuut I’m kinda over this year too lol. Lemme try to explain. You know how it’s time to get up for school or work after vacation and you really not feelin’ wakin’ up at 6am and starting the day. So you hit snooze a couple times. Roll over in bed a couple times. And say 5 more minutes a couple times. Till you only have like 20mins to get washed, dressed and out the door… And since you’re rushing you forgot to eat breakfast, left your lunch in the fridge, and get caught by every red light on your way to your destination. That’s kinda where I am with 2019. lol make sense? I know I know I should be excited. Most people are rejuvenated, refreshed and all gung-ho about the “fresh start. Not gonna lie, I just wasn’t feelin’ it….BUT I’m up and I’m ready now.

For the last few years I’ve picked a theme or focal point for that year, to kinda keep me grounded and motivated to do and be better. 2015 was all about Health and Wealth. Trying to get back into the gym and saving to move out of my parents’ house.  2016 was all about strengthening, growing, building and restoring (My inspiration came from my shampoo bottle lol). Mainly focusing on relationships and my hair lol. 2017 was the year of investments. I invested A LOT into my house and my retirement fund. 2018 was about consistency, communication, confidence, and collaboration. I was trying to focus on being comfortable in my skin, communicating better/more, reaching out to connect with people whether through volunteering or special projects, and consistency in regards to praying/reading/ and working out.  There are a lot of things from 2015 and 2017 that are overlapping into 2019 and still got a lot to work on from 2018 (at least until my next birthday in June). But having a starting point and the end of the year as a checkpoint has helped me get the ball rolling.

This year…2019… it’s all about positioning myself for my Passion and Purpose. I’m dedicating the next 358 days to figure out what on earth am I doing on this earth. What was I created for?  What do I love? What am I good at? Who am I? I mean I’ve learned a little be over the past 27 years, but I gotta start applying what I’ve learned, continue learning and put it all together. And still working on becoming the person the person I’m looking for is looking for.  

So I’m sharing all this to give you permission to hold me accountable. Help me to stay focused. Point out distractions. Call me out for slacking. Check on my progress.  And most importantly, encourage me to keep going. Motivators need Motivation too (not that I consider myself a true motivator but you get where I’m coming from). Lol

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