Motivation Monday: Pain, Death, Grief & Love

Everyone’s life journey is different. But there are a few things that we all experience. Pain, death, grief and love. It’s inevitable. Oddly enough, I’ve seen a lot of that shared on my feeds the past few weeks. And today I say goodbye to my little cousin…. 21 years old…I didn’t want to share anything today. I didn’t know what to share today. But here we are….so I will say what I’ve said a few times before. Life is short. Life is precious. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t take anyone and anything for granted! Love and be loved. Live and be live. Be light and be lit. Cherish life. Cherish family. Don’t stay stuck in a state of grief. Yes it will hurt. Yes tears may fall. But life goes on one day at a time.

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