New Year, Same Ole Resolutions

“Cheers to the new year and another chance for us to get it right.”


Happy New Year!

(is it too late to say that since January is practically over?…oh well)

I don’t know about you, but 2017 was a little rough; politically, personally, professionally, financially, emotional, spiritually, physically, mentally…….just alot! Don’t get me wrong, I was blessed with some really great moments! But I’m happy 2017 is over and I GLAAAAAAADLY welcome 2018. I really hope that it brings more blessings and good times for me and all of you!


So this is the time when people all over the country start to set goals and resolutions for the year. And if you’re like me, you carry over what you didn’t accomplish the last year and try again this year. At this point, I’m trying my whole list again lol jk. Not the whole list, but I do have a couple things I have yet to fully complete.  Basically the ones that everyone else usually come up with every year. Here are four of the most commonly broken resolutions and my views on how to stay committed to them:

1. Exercise More:  From January-  Mid-February, gyms across the country have awesome membership deals, because every one wants to be in better shape for the new year. I love can’t stand this time of year at the gym. Not that I go often but around this time it’s PACKED. It kinda reminds me of college when I used to go to the library every day and all of a sudden everybody and they mama decided to come during finals week. Like Bruh…. this one week of cramming is not gonna make a difference. Just like the 3 weeks of gym time in January is not gonna satisfy your “get fit” resolution for the rest of the year. Consistency is key. Try to make mini goals. Maybe start off once a week, then increase frequency and duration. Then have a checkpoint half way through the year. Honestly, that little tip was really for me, cuz I’m definitely one of those people that say they’re gonna work out more and then next thing you know its a new year and I still got the same goal. Fail.

2.  Eating Healthier: Let’s be honest. This resolution is motivated by the glutinous acts that everyone participates in through out the holiday season. Peopl are more inclined to make changes after indulging in 3 plates at Thanksgiving, 2 plates at Christmas, and 2 dozen cookies until New Years Eve (I’m definitely guilty of this lol). I mean I’m proabably over exaggertaing. But still, holidays are for binging and some do really struggle with the whole no beef, no pork, gluten free, low carb, low fat, well balanced diet. So on your journey to healthy eating all I can say is you don’t have to just go cold turkey on all the “bad stuff.” Before you start cutting things out of your usual diet, try to add healthier options first. Experiment with meals/snacks and explore different sources of protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Figure out what you like and will continue to eat. That way you won’t feel like you’re missing something when you start cutting foods out. But don’t quote me on this. I have yet to figure out how to master a system that works for me and my lifestyle. Not that I don’t eat healthy, but I’m just saying. There’s different types of “healthy” lifestyles, and in mine I REFUSE to give up bacon! lol

3. Saving Money: This goal is usually created after getting those credit card statements from Black Friday and Christmas shopping. You spent way more than necessary and now you gotta re-up. But do you even have a savings account? No shade! That was a legit question. If you don’t then you should get one. Then get in the habit of “paying yourself” in that account EVERY pay check!  Be disciplined. Every year I figure out how much $$$ I want to save and what percentage of my income I have to put aside to get to that amount. Then I work hard to make sure I have at least that much at the end of the year. That way I don’t beat myself up about having to dip into that money every now and then and I’m also ready in case an unexpected expense comes up (Like getting new tires, which happened to me like 3 times this year cuz of those stupid pot holes -____-). But the most helpful thing for me is budgeting. Its easier now cuz there’s apps for it. I literally have a program that keeps track of my credit card balances and money that’s coming in and out of accounts. I can categorize my expenses and transactions and it even shows trends in my spending, so I can adjust my budget if I need to. It also sends me weekly updates and alerts if I over spend.  It works for me. Find something that works for you. 

4. Drink Less/Quit Drinking. I feel like this is a set up for failure. I mean most people bring in the New Year partying right? (I don’t. Imma good girl and go to church lol)  But really how does it work. Do you just get really drunk NYE and then at 12:01 you don’t drink anymore??? lol Idk? I don’t really have much to say about this one except, again, be realistic. Depending on your drinking habits, try cutting back a day or two a week/month. Drink only on birthdays or holidays. Limit the number of drinks per outing. But the best thing I can say is to tell someone about your goal to drink less/quit drinking so they can hold you accountable and support you on your journey. (*Side note*  accountability partners are great for all goals).

Whatever you chose to do, whatever resolutions you make, be like Nike and “Just Do It”!! Remember, small victories lol.  I wish you all the best in trying to make all your new year resolutions come true. Maybe one day we can share success stories (not with the quit drinking one though because what is life without wine?!).

Moral of the story: DO BETTER in 2018!


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