Motivation Monday: Treat Yo Self

Clearly I’ve been treating my self a lot lately (celebrating my birthday and what not) lol but I deserve it. Remember, It’s important to tell yourself “hey, you worked hard.. go head and take that vacation” or “buy those shoes” or “just relax and do nothing.” Work hard, play harder. Unapologetically. (and do it all... Continue Reading →

When Love Don’t Love You Back

Loving someone who doesn't love you back is really an emotional roller coaster. But how can someone love you.....How can you love someone...if you don't know how to love...if you don't love yourself..if you don't know how to be loved? A lesson I am learning daily. Loving others. Loving my-self.  As imperfect as I am. As God created me and loves me unconditionally...

Am I Good Enough?

Confidence is so attractive! Why? Because it shows acceptance of personal flaws and qualities. It shows that you know who you are and what you have to offer. It's assertive and sometimes even intentional, as far as going for what you want. It's fearless. It's intriguing, making people want to know more. It kinda has this magnetic pull. Think about it. Who doesn't gravitate towards people who have confidence?......

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