Quarantine Day Fifty ‘leven, Hour Umpteen

**Insert relevant quote***


Y’all, I lost count for what day or week or month of quarantine we’re in. I don’t even have enough energy to find a quote for this blog post. I’m just…..tired…and I realized, on quarantine day fifty ‘leven, that because I’m so tired I have to put extra effort in getting myself going. Ya know, a lil pep talk for the day. So for all you cool cats and kittens out there (can I use this Tiger King reference even though I haven’t seen it lol) who  wanna chuckle at my  quarantine nonsense, check out my list of personal daily reminders.

Sherrell’s Personal Daily Quarantine Reminders

1. COOK!! You have food!! You betta Door Door dash yourself to the kitchen and grab that grub in the cabinet. 

infomercial falling GIF by HuffPost



2. You don’t have to buy anymore hair care products! You have plenty under the sink and plus, where you goin?!😒 do your little protective style and chill out.

black hair GIF



3. DRINK SOME WATER! When the last time you peed? Yesterday? And what color was it? Sunflower yellow? GO HYDRATE!

drink water GIF by Shameless Maya



4. WORK OUT!!!! You better start those free planet fitness workouts before that little tootsie roll you got flabbin’ around turns into a pizza log or something. GET MOVING!

tired work out GIF by Quinta B



5. Oh you bored when you get off work? You got 99 un-read books in the bookshelf, boredom shouldn’t be a problem. READ A BOOK!

Read Texas Am GIF by Texas A&M University



6. Tired? Just go to bed! Why you stayin’ up late. You finally got time to get 8 hours of sleep. GOOD NIGHT!

in bed phone GIF by Molly Soda


7.  CLEAN UP!! So what if you not having company over. You better act like you was raised  right, turn on that Anita Baker record and hit them base boards.

cleaning GIF



8. Stop tryna be cute getting that $15 bottle of wine and just get that $15 box of wine that’s gonna last you “6-8 weeks.” A glass a day probably doesn’t keep the doctor away but c’est la vie***pours a glass of wine and happily sips***

will and grace fun GIF



9. Even though you’re not going anywhere, WASH UP!! (I don’t know who needed to hear that, but that was for you, not me).

Orange Is The New Black GIF by NETFLIX



10. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! Its ok to not know what day it is, or wear your “pre-pajamas”  (aka sweat pants and hoodie) everyday for four weeks straight, or start a workout video and just end up on the couch watching the work out. or to not start a business. or to skip a couple days, weeks, or months from blogging. or responding to text messages within 3-5 business days. At this point it is what it is. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Just take it one day, one workout, one text message at a time. 

To Do List Nothing GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants



But on a serious note, I sincerely pray that you and your families stay healthy and safe. Peace and blessing to you all! 


Help, Watch, Neighborhood






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