Dear Future Husband: Me Vs. Allergies


Dear Future Husband,

Me- 0

I legit died mowing the lawn just now. Watery itchy eyes. Itchy throat. Snotty nose. I sneezed the ENTIRE time. Which means my eyes were closed while I was pushing the lawnmower (cuz you can’t sneeze with your eyes open. Trust me, I tried. It hurts. Don’t try it. It’s not natural). Which means I’m pretty sure I got some uneven lines, some patches, some bald areas….my grass and I are currently a hot mess (a hotter mess than usual). Just thought I share that with you. Hope you don’t have allergies too. Or if you do, you have money to pay for lawn care 😂.

Your Future Wife.


P.S. The only reason I even mowed the lawn is because the neighbor mowed theirs 3x’s since the last time I mowed. lol

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