“In the boxing ring of life, it’s not how hard you hit, but how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Sylvestor Stallone

This year I went Boxing for the first time. Honestly, I think this was the first time in like 13 years that I’ve done a sport other than volleyball. You’d think I loved volleyball, but I’ve really had a love-hate relationship with it this whole time lol. The only reason why I started playing volleyball was because me and my friend tried to get in as many pictures in the yearbook as possible freshman year of high school. So we participated in a lot of sports and clubs. (Don’t judge us lol). And once we got to volleyball, Coach wouldn’t let us quit. But my true love is basketball! I love watching! I’m not as into it as I used to be because I don’t have cable to watch the games. But I used that as a way to motivate me to go to the gym because they always had games on. I got to work out and watch the 2nd half of games. And since I was paying for the gym anyway it was like a win-win.

But anyway, back to the actual topic

Boxing was truly an experience. I love trying new things and this was really new. The techniques I learned for boxing, felt like the opposite of all that I trained to do in volleyball. In boxing stance I’m turned slightly diagonal and leading with my left foot and my body weight evenly distributed slightly upright (I think), but in volleyball defense my feet are shoulder width apart with my right foot slightly forward with my body and weight forward.  Hitting the punch bag with basically a fist was completely different from hitting a ball or serving with an open hand. Seeing me try all this for the first time I swear you’d think I wasn’t an athlete at all lol. It felt soooooo awkward! But it was also so freeing to just let out some aggression, and stress, and everything that was bothering me with every punch and jab I threw.

It really was fun. And my trainer for the sessions was so patient. I don’t think I’d turn it into a hobby or anything, but I’d love to try it again when I have extra money lying around. lol If my gym got a boxing class I’d be all set. Box, then do some cardio or cross training while watching the game. Perfect.

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