Dear Future Husband: Three Girls & a Flat Tire

Dear Future Husband,

So today one of the assistant coaches came to practice with a flat tire. One of the other assistant coaches volunteered to change the flat if she had a spare. The girl didn’t know if she had one but said she’d look. It was a whole process to get to that tire. Naturally, as 20 somethings, we all live out of our cars, but the stuff she was pulling out her trunk was crazy. She had like 3 blankets, a chair, some kind of measuring tool, hangers (plastic and wire hangers lol), clothes, and a bunch of other random things. In her defense, she had a pop up shop a couple weeks and/or months ago so she had some supplies still in the trunk. But when I say it was filled….you literally couldn’t stuff a piece of paper in there. So when she finally cleared it we showed her where the spare was. By this time I had called Defender of the Night (my dad) just to let him know what was going on because 3 girls, stranded with a flat, at 9pm, on the west side of Buffalo…..let’s just say my dad showed up real quick 😂. But the assistant coach already had the tire on and was screwing the lug-nuts in. Long story not really any shorter, I learned how to change a tire. Well I didn’t actually change it. I watched but I feel like if I really needed to then I could do it. Even though I’ve gained that experience, I’d like for you to be in my life by the time I get my next flat. Lol cuz if I learn all this stuff what’s left for you to do? Lol jk jk


Your Future Wife

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