You’re AMAZING! Thank you!

5 months

43 blog posts

20,673 words

63 subscribers (well technically 61 since my mom signed up with 2 email addresses lol and I can’t count myself)

100 new Instagram followers

576 visitors from 27 different countries


140 likes (on wordpress)



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for checking out what lil’ ol me has to say.  I really appreciate every one of you taking the time to read my thoughts no matter how random, or short, or long winded, or pointless it is. I started this blog as kind of an online diary and a way to spark some small random conversations. No real expectations. No knowledge of the blogging world, or website design, or logos, or branding, or using social media as a platform to get more traffic. Still don’t lol. But I’m learning daily and wanting to grow. I’m so excited to see what can happen within the next 7 months. Hope you all stay for the journey, and bring a friend lol


You’re ALL amazing! Thank you!



P.S. Happy Birthday to me 🙂






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