“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

-Victor Hugo

Have you ever made a “Bae-list?” I like to think of this as the current day mix tape that  was widely used in the 80s and 90s, made to say the words only music could say to your crush/boo thang. Well, I’m baeless, but I can say my bae-list is poppin. Lol Each song is dedicated to Future Bae/ Future Husband. The songs express how I want my relationship to be, and how I want to feel about him, and how I want him to feel about me. The lyrics and melodies create an emotional connection that will forever make me attached to the song. Haven’t you ever heard a song and thought about someone and brings back certain memories? Well I do all the time.  Below are my top 20 songs in no particular order, of my Bae-list. Songs I could listen to on repeat! Its a living breathing thing, meaning it changes with the times. I’m sure if I ever get into a relationship then the songs will  be more tailored to “Bae”. And I’m sure as I continue to rediscover songs and new music comes out, the list will change. But for now, here’s what I got. Feel free to share your “Bae-lists” and must have songs.

Die With You– Beyoncé

I Believe in You and Me– Whitney Houston

Flaws and All– Beyonce’


Crush– Yuna ft. Usher

Best Part– Daniel Caesar ft. H. E. R.

Let Me Love You- Neyo (But the Glee cover version)

Never Felt This Way– Brian McKnight

All of Me– John Legend

Make You Feel My Love– Adele


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