Happy New Year!!

I can still say it because it’s still January so it’s ok 🙂

We know that 2020 was……..well…2020ish🥴

It’s so easy to think about how 2020 was trash and how we just want to quickly move on….

It was a year full of ups and downs. Good and bad times. Happy and sad times. Easy and hard times. Ugly and beautiful times. Life and death. Sometimes were much heavier than others. But if you’re reading this, WE MADE IT!


No seriously. Waking up. Getting out of bed. Working. All major accomplishments in my expert opinion. So Kudos to you! I’m extremely grateful for life and memories, lessons learned, new opportunities, and growth in all areas of health and wellness (financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically)!

Wishing you more life, more love, more growth, more success all of 2021 and beyond!!!

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