Twerk in Turks & Caicos

Let me just throw a disclaimer out, that I’m writing this post after a lovely sunset pedal boat cruise. And I’m a little inebriated. So please excuse any typos or nonsense after this paragraph lol


Honey, my travel plug, planned a 5 day 4 night girls trip to Turks & Caicos for her 25th birthday. When I say home girl went all out…. man…she did that! Had a survey to RSVP, had a website with the activities, rental car price, Air BnB options and information, travel itineraries for all the guests, and pose inspirations for group photos. I mean, the girl thought of everything.

I’m sure she had a little anxiety about who would and wouldn’t come, how would everyone get along, will everyone had a good time etc…but there was really no drama.  Seven of us came to celebrate her and each of us ended up leaving with a bigger friend circle than when we came with.

Parasailing & Jet Ski

Idk how we even came across these activities. But who ever the plug was I appreciate them for helping me get my bucket list check. For parasailing, We were basically hooked up to a harness under a parachute, flying like a kite in the sky. It was so relaxing. Just being in the clouds…. it was great! I wanna say it was like $60 but don’t quote me! Lol And Jetskiing was lit too for about the same price. Zooming at like 40 mph off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great experience!

***i do not own the rights to this music***

If I were to go back, I’d want to go to Grand Turk for the Turks and Caicos Natural Museum and the Caicos Conch Farm. (I like to do the touristy stuff). It was very relaxing but also low key expensive. So I may or may not try to find a sugar daddy lol jk jk.

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