One Happy Island

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.”

– Elbert Hubbard

So I went to Aruba in July of 2018 and  I wasn’t in a rush to write about it because I was mentally still in vacation mode.

Vacation mode (n.) – the manner of acting and/or being in a relaxed state before, during or after spending a period of time away from home.- Dictionary of Sherrell

When I say it was the most relaxing trip I’ve been on thus far, I’m not even exaggerating. It’s such a laid back ambiance.  It really is what the slogan says, “One Happy Island.”

We started our journey at The Renaissance Ocean Suites. Depending on the style of room and member rate offered at the time it can be a little pricey, with rooms as reaching as low as $180 a night (which is RARE) and reaching higher than $340 a night. But because we were residents of the hotel we were automatically guaranteed access to Flamingo Beach, with a working room key, by talking an 8 min boat ride (that comes every 15 mins). I hear if you’re not staying at the hotel, a day pass costs about $125 and but there is no guarantee you can go to the island. Open from 7 am to 7 pm, equipped with bars, a restaurant, and nature trails, this private island really is a slice of paradise.

*Disclaimer: when we went there was really only like  five flamingos strutting around the beach*

Honestly I like staying a couple nights at a resort and a couple nights in an air bnb. It’s the best of both worlds! The convenience and luxury of resort life is bomb and air bnb life is more conducive to my budget lol. Plus you can really embrace the culture by staying where locals live. So if it’s feasible, and makes sense, I’d choose both.

Random Facts I learned from our cab driver

  • Most people speak English, but the primary language is Dutch and papiamento (I love saying that word ). It’s a mixture of Spanish and Dutch.
  • Aruba gets 18 inches of rain water a year
  • The island depends 91% on tourism.

Jeep Tour

Depalm Tours was a great way to explore the Island for $100. Alexander, our tour guide, made sure we felt EVERY Bump to get out money’s worth. lol Its all rough terrain to thes off road sites and should not be visited with out  using a jeep/4×4/ATV.

We began our tour at the Natural Pool (locally known as “Conchi”). Moved to the Natural Bridge. Then to the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Gold was found in 1824 and and over 3 million pounds was produced. Then to Alto Vista Chapel, the island’s first Roman Catholic Church. Passed by the white sands of Wariruri and Arashi Beach. And ended the tour right around sunset, at the California Light House locally known as “Hudishibana.” The light house was named after the steamship “California” that wrecked in 1891. You can go on a separate tour and climb to the top of the lighthouse for $10. Located next door is a cute romantic restaurant called La Trattoria el Faro Blanco (The White Lighthouse Restaurant).



Aruba Aloe

We randomly decided to go to this Aloe Factory140 acres

  • 750 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.
  • Cut by hand based on demand
  • Yellow sap was used as a natural laxative
  • Oldest factory in the world
  • replanting every 5-10 years

And after the tour we got a free lipbalm with suncreen

I bought some sunscreen and sun repair lotion from being sun burnt and it worked WONDERS. So much so that when I got home, I ordered like 3 travel size sunscreens, after sunscreens, repair cream and some facial lotion. Definitely an advocate for Aloe Vera. Not just for the body for for hair! But thats a whole nother post chile.

Girls Night Out Dare Checklist

✔️Dance on a Bar

✔️Belly shot

✔️Skinny dip in the ocean

✔️Change clothes with someone while we’re out

✔️Kiss a stranger

✔️Give a lap dance

✔️Dance on the DJ

✔️Dance on the security guard

Disclaimer: I didn’t do all of these lol. We just had to make sure at least one person in the group did it.


Overall my trip was great! I could definitely see myself going back for a little bae-cation and just chill.

Aruba Arriba!

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