Philly and The Roots Picnic

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
-Henry David Thoreau

This weekend I visited the city of brotherly love. And I sure did fall in love with Philly.  Our Air bnb was conveniently located off Fairmount St. Even though I was only there for barely 3 days, I could totally see myself living there.  I ‘m pretty sure I say that every time I go visit a new place lol. But for real though.  I was diggin’ Philly’s vibes and I definitely have to go back (especially since I didn’t get a philly cheese steak). Here’s what I did on my little 3-day adventure:

Philadelphia Magic Gardens

For $8 (w/ student ID) you can be immersed in mosaic beauty. Isaiah Zagar, transformed a vacant lot into a public sculpture garden of used handmade tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels, mirrors, and international folk art. For 30 minutes, I just wandered around, captivated by the intricate detailing, the pictures within the sculptures, and what may have been seen as junk displayed as art. The whole ambiance was just amazing.




Independence Mall

Ever since my first trip to D.C. I’ve made it a point to always try and visit local museums and history tours of the city I visit. So of course I had to make a quick pit stop to see the Liberty Bell and stroll down Independence Mall. Based on it’s importance, I assumed the Liberty bell would be much bigger for some reason, but it was still cool to learn about the 2,000 pound hunk of metal I’ve heard about in history class. It was also interesting to read vignettes and watch videos about the gap that formed in the bell. My mind instantly shifted to the thought of the crack being somewhat representative of the fact that people still are denied freedoms and we have yet to live up to the liberty and justice for ALL that this nation so proudly proclaims. But that’s another post for another day lol. I do look forward to going back, taking an actual tour, and learning more.


Mural Arts Philadelphia

By re-channeling “graffitists” talents, Jane Golden creates neighborhood art projects with the focus to look, listen, connect, create, and celebrate the expression of adoration to inspirational people, things, and themes. The collective works and community efforts result in beautiful murals painted throughout the city. I loved being able to take time and just drive around admiring some of the creative and thought provoking artistry alongside brick walls and concrete buildings. I truly appreciate Philly being one big dope outdoor art gallery.

By Richard Wilson, 4545 W. Girard Ave.


“Tribute to Edward “Chick” Davis” by John Lewis 1412 South St.


“Legendary” Amber Art & Design featuring Tatyana Fazlalizadeh 512 S. Broad St.


“Theater of Life” by Meg Saligman & Juan Dimida 501 S. Broad St.


The Roots Picnic

The main reason for my trip to Philly. Linked up with my girls from NYC and we were out, submersed in a sea of beautiful melanin. I’m sure you heard about the gun scare. Everything was fine. There was no gun, all though there really could have been seeing as security definitely didn’t check bags. But when 24,000 black people started running, there’s no time to ask questions. You run, and follow up later. Turns out a fight broke out but that was it. So, outside of the stampede, I enjoyed myself. Ari Lennoxs’ neo soul sound was bomb. Davidos’ arfobeats set had me jammin’. I didn’t need to hear 21 savage. And H.E.R.’s performance was beautiful. (side note: the fact that shes only 21, just won 2 Grammys, and played like 5 instruments on stage really made me reevaluate how I spend my time lol). Over all I had fun. But i’m pretty much all set with outdoor music festivals, with the exception of Summer Jam and stadium concerts. 

Mural By  @theartbully on IG


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