Black History Month

“…seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

-President Gerald R. Ford

Black History Month began as Negro History Week in 1926, thanks to historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro [African American] Life and History (Library of Congress). We finally upgraded to a full month in 1976. In the grand scheme of things it really wasn’t that long ago. I mean if you do the math it’s only been 42 years since getting the month observance. Which means my parents and Grandparents and even some peoples great grandparents can remember a time where our history was barely recognized or acknowledged. But look at us now! We went from a week, to a month, and now we got a whole museum dedicated to us (Shout out to the Smithsonian! Everyone SHOULD visit the museum in Washington D.C. ASAP). Maybe one day, probably not within the next 4-8 years, we as a nation will be more inclusive. And black history will just be a part of American history. BECAUSE IT WAS AND IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE! But I guess slow progress is still progress none the less….


Can you remember learning about black history? In school we used to have a trivia question everyday for the month of February and always had a school assembly to honor the culture, heritage and contributions of African Americans. Every year I always did reports on influential people and/or pivotal events that impacted black history, not only for school but after school programs and even church. I miss that. Being in the adult world, Black History Month isn’t really as celebrated.  You have to be more pro-active if you want to learn or observe the month.  But here’s your chance. This month I challenge you, and myself,  to learn something new about black history. And It’s easier now because it’s literally everywhere for the next 27 days. (It should be everywhere all year #blackhistory365, but that’s another topic for another blog). We have to acknowledge where we’ve been, to understand how far we’ve come, and how much more we have to go. If you need help, I’ll be throwing up random things through out the month. Stay tuned.









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